Lowpoly Vintage Streetcar

  • Lowpoly Vintage Streetcar
    Lowpoly Vintage Streetcar

A simple low-poly vintage streetcar for any kind of games. Each glass is a separate model and is UV unwrapped, in case you want to assign a broken glass texture of your own or similar.

The window frames are separated models as well, so their position can be adjusted to add some detail and feel to the streetcar. The tires and controls are also separated from the main model and can therefore be rotated if needed.

The model comes with 3 colors, but with a simple software like Paint you easily can create more colors. If you need any help with that please get in touch so we can assist you.

The total polygon count of all parts of the model combined is ~4900

texture size: 28×28 pixels

Included is:
– 1 model, 74 parts
– 3 colors
– reflection and emission texture

Other information:
The screenshots were made directly inside the Unity Engine. Unity’s standard asset “Post Processing” was used to give the images a nicer look. However, Unity’s post processing is not included in this asset.

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This asset fits Synty’s Polygon – City Pack which offers cool stylized lowpoly character models as well as an amazing city with a lot of props and other amazing stuff.

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