Lowpoly Modular Building 1

A modular building suitable for big city-scenes. It consists of many separate parts to give the level designers as many freedom as possible without being unnecessarily complex.

The polycount of the models are between 20 and 400. Most of the parts have around 150-250 polygons.

All parts share the same material. A reflection texture and an emission texture for windows is included. As can be seen at the screenshots, all windows’ lights will be on when emission texture is used. However, we suggest to use a simple 3D object (quad) and putting it in front of windows which should have light to give night scenes a nicer look. An example of light on the windows can be found in the sample scene.

Included is:
– 58 modular objects
– 1 Material
– 1 main texture
– 1 emission texture
– 1 reflection texture
– 1 sample scene

Other information:
The screenshots were made directly inside the Unity Engine. Unity’s standard asset “Post Processing” was used to give the images a nicer look. However, Unity’s post processing is not included in this asset.

If you have any questions or requests please feel free to get in touch at anytime.

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